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for the following reactions label each species as an acid or a base. Indicate the species that are conjugate acids and conjugate bases.
A. HSO4-(acid) + NH3(base)<--> SO4^2-(conj base) + NH4+ (conj acid)
B. HPO4^2- (conj base)+ NH4+ (conj acid) <--> H2PO4-(acid) + NH3 (base)
C. SO3^2- (conj base) + NH4+ (conj acid) <--> HSO3- (acid) + NH3 (base)

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    I don't see anything wrong with any of your answers; however, I'm interested in answers B and C. I would have reversed the labels; i.e., I would have called HPO4^2-the base and H2PO4^- the conjugate acid. Same thing for the NH3/NH4^+ pair. What I'm getting at is that your answers imply that the NH4^+ is always the conjugate acid of NH3 but I think NH4^+ can be the acid and NH3 can be the conjugate base.

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