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15.Which of the following is the correct expression of numbers in a series?

twelve dogs, eleven cats, and 1 mouse
3 apples, 23 lemon, and one fig
one car, two trucks, and a bus
ten adults, 2 teenagers, and a baby

Question 16
Which of the following is correct?

the 80's
1995 A.D.
the years 71-72

Question 17
Which of the following is incorrect?

Ch. 5
Act 3, 2 of the play
page 30

my answers car, two trucks, and a bus
16.the 80's

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    15 - already done

    16 - I see three correct expressions there. Are you sure of the question?

    17 - I see two incorrect expressions there, maybe three. Check the question please.

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    1960s is incorrect it needs a comma

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    I think you mean apostrophe (not comma), right?

    Also, I have never seen this in reference to any play: "Act 3, 2 of the play" -- not anywhere. I have no idea what that means. See #4 especially. See #19.

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