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Pure phosgene gas (COCl2), .03mole, was placed in a 1.5 L container. It was heated to 800k, and at equilibrium the pressure of CO was found to be .497 atm. Calculate the equilibrium constant Kp for the reaction
CO(g) + Cl2(g) = COCL2(g)

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    You can do this either Kc and convert to Kp or you can do it Kp all the way.
    COCl2 = use 0.03 = n and solve PV=nRT for partial pressure COCl2. I get 1.31 atm or something like that. You need to do it more accurately.
    CO = 0
    Cl2 = 0

    CO: partial pressure = 0.497 atm.
    That means Cl2 is 0.497 atm.
    COCl2 = 1.31 atm-0.497 = 0.8 something.
    Then Kp = P COCl2/PCO*PCl2 = something like 3.0 or so.

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