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A painter working at 100 feet from the ground, drops his paint brush onto the street below. The function,
s(t)=-16t^2+100, gives the height(in feet) of the paint brush as it falls to the ground. The velocity at time t=2 seconds is given by

lim s(2)-s(t)/2-t

Evaluate this limit to find the velocity of the paint brush at 2 seconds. (include units in your answer).

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    again, you typed it wrong
    should be

    lim ( s(2) - s(t))/(2-t) as t ---> 2
    = lim (36 + 16t^2 - 100)/(2-t)
    = lim (16(t^2 - 4)/(2-t)
    = lim 16(t+2)(t-2)/(2-t)
    = lim 16(-1)(t+2) as t --->2
    = 16(-1)(4) = -64

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    Thank You!!

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