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Can you please check the following sentences, please? Thank you very much.
1) As the letters are written in first-person, they provide different individual points of view on the same event, which can be fully explored.
2) Then, the characters introduce one another using letters instead of speech, and the action is made up by a series of scenes with no general summaries.
3) Another feature is its immediacy. As stated by Richardson himself, this kind of writing allows the reader greater access to the character’s inner world.
4) Actually, Richardson could record Pamela’s thoughts as they occurred at the time of her actions.
5) Pamela i“Pamela” is a collection of letters written by a virtuous girl to her parents.
6) The plot is very simple and built around the interrelation between the two main characters, Pamela and Mr B.
Fifteen-year-old Pamela Andrews has been the servant girl of Lady B. for many years.
7) When the noblewoman dies, Pamela is sad. She loved Lady B because she had given her an education far beyond her means. Mr B., Lady B’s son, offers to let her remain in the household, and Pamela accepts with gratitude.
8) However, it soon becomes clear that Mr B. intends to seduce her. He then offers to send her home to her parents, but the coachman, who is one of Mr B.’s men, drives her instead to Mr.B’s country house, where she is virtually a prisoner.
9) The girl, however, resists all her master’s advances protecting virtue.
s a round character and is presented as a practical, passionate and humble girl.

  1. SraJMcGin

    #5. Pamela i“Pamela” = is thta a typo or what you meant to write?

    #9. s a round character and is presented as a practical, passionate and humble girl. = something is missing?

    Everything else is "AOK."


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