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An electronic point source emits sound isotropically at a frequency of 3000 Hz and a power of 34 watts. A small microphone has an area of 0.75 cm2 and is located 158 meters from the point source. a) What is the sound intensity at the microphone ?

To find intensity i tried I=Power/Area which is 34/.0075m but its saying my answer is wrong help??
and i don't know how to get others

I = ? W/m2
b) What is the power intercepted by the microphone?

Pin = ? W
c) How many minutes will it take for the microphone to receive 0.3 Joules from this sound?

ΔT = ? min
d) What is the sound intensity level at the microphone from this point source?

Β = ? dB
e) What would be the sound intensity level at the microphone if the point source doubled its power output?

Β = ? dB

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    ok figured out intensity need help with other 4

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    It emits a sound, so the equation is Intensity = Power / 4(pi)r^2

    r being the distance, 158 meters.

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