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Intro to Technology: repost

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Lab 1.1

Can somebody please, please help me with this lab?! I know it requires sketching and modeling which only i can do , but please, any help will be appreciated. I find these labs so hard to do, but my teacher said there's no alternative assignment and I HAVE to do them. Please help me

Activity 1A-Design Problem
Background: Technology is the application of knowledge to create machines, materials, or systems to help us make work easier, to make life more comfortable, or to help control the natural or human-made environment.

Situation: The Easy-Play Game Company has developed a new board game for two players. The game uses five red marbles and five green marbles as the playing pieces. They find that counting out the marbles one by one is too costly.

Challenge: design a technological device (machine) that will count five marbles at a time from a box containing a large number of marbles.

1. Restate the SITUATION in your own words, being sure to include all of the facts provided in the SITUATION statement. State a clear explanation of the problem you intend to solve.

*The Easy-Play Game Company has come up with a new board game for two players. The playing pieces for the game include five red marbles and five green marbles. Their problem is that they find counting out the marbles one by one for packaging the game too expensive. My job is to solve this problem by coming up with a different method for getting the correct number and color of marbles into the game box.*

2. The CHALLENGE for this problem includes a few design restrictions. List those restrictions here and keep them in mind as you proceed to the next step.

*The solution must be a technological device (a machine), and the machine must be able to count five marbles out of a box with many marbles.*

3. On graph paper, sketch two solutions to this design problems. Label these Solution 1 and Solution 2.


4. Which of your solutions (machines) is more efficient in terms of saving time?Why?
5. Which of your solutions would be the least expensie to manufacture? Why?
6. Which of your solutions would cost the least to operate? Why?
...all of these can be answered once I do step #3.

I know what to do, and I get everything it's telling me. I just don't know HOW to do it. Or even how to get started

Pleeeasee help me!

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