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math probability

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One card is selected at random from an ordinary set of 52
cards. Find the probability of each of the following events:
d. A jack is not drawn
would the answer be:48/52 since you subtract 4 from 52 for the four jacks and simplify to get 12/13 or do you say 4/52 and simplify to get 1/13

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    You want to know probability the Jack will NOT be drawn = 12/13

    1/13 = probability Jack will be drawn.

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    thank you so much for answering this for me.

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    Here is another ?. Would this be the answer?

    A student claims that if a fair coin is tossed and comes
    up heads 5 times in a row, then, according to the law
    of averages, the probability of tails on the next toss
    is greater than the probability of heads. What is your

    No matter what comes up or how often you get heads, the chance for each individual throw is always the same -- 1 chance out of 2.

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