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College Chemistry

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Calculate the electrode potential of a copper half-call containing 0.05M Cu(NO3).

E^0 Cu2+/Cu = 0.337 V

College Chemistry - DrBob222, Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 5:19pm
E = Eo - (0.0592/n)log[(Cu)/(Cu^+2)]
Substitute 2 for n and 0.05 M for Cu^+2 and 0.337 for Eo. Solve.

Am I solving for Cu or do I plug a value in for that also?

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    As I stated in my response, substitute 2 for n and 0.05 M for Cu^+2. You substitute 1 for Cu metal (that is its standard state) and solve for E. E is the only unknown you have.

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    If you have the molecular weight of ethanol which is 46.1 and the concentration is 4.0% w/v. What is the molarity

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    If i combust 1.0kg of octane according to the following unbalanced reaction , how many moles of carbon dioxide should i theoretically produce?

    2 C8H18+ 25 O2 -> 16 CO2+ 18 H20

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