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Physics (mechanics)

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There are two parts for this questions...

"When a bowling ball collides with the pins, the momentum of the bowling ball and the pins is conserved." Give the assumptions and conditions for this statement.

Compare the effect on the collision between the bowling ball and the pins if a bowling ball of greater mass is being thrown.

  • Physics (mechanics) -

    I will be happy to critique your thinking. It is of no advantage to your Gestalt processing if I do the thinking for you.

    This is worth thinking on also:

  • Physics (mechanics) -

    The material has not been properly covered in the course, but I have done some research on the net and tried to answer it myself, but this assignment counts a lot towards my final grade, so I just wanna make sure everything is right...

    For the first part, I know that in order that the momentum is conserved, there has to be no external force. So I guess there just has to be no friction nor air resistance.

    For the second part, the change in velocity of the bowling ball will be smaller and the pins will move at higher velocity.

    I am not sure if I am correct and the teacher demands longer answers...

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