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1. You have to feed the baby with water sometimes.

2. You have to feed water for the baby sometimes.

3. The baby must have peed. You have to change the diaper. The diaper is wet. Will you bring a new diaper?

4. The baby gave out dung. Bring me a baby tissue. I will clean that part.
Babysitting is not easy. When the baby cries, you should give milk to him. If he doesn't want to eat, check his diaper. After changing the diaper, put the baby in the crib. After crying for some time, he will sleep on the belly. Are you with me?

(Would you check the sentences? Correct errors,please.)

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    1 and 2... We usually say "We give the baby a bottle of water sometimes."

    4. We don't use the word "dung" in that context. "bowel movement" would be used... or quite often we say "poop".
    The expression would be The baby pooped his diaper. The baby had a bowel movement.

    We also do not put babies on their bellies to sleep. They have found that that is dangerous.

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