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AED 201

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Write a 200-to 300-word response to the following:
Assume you are a teacher who would like to address a technology issue at your school. Many of the studnets' textbooks provide Web links for engaging enrichment activities. Each classroom has five computers, but there is only one computer connected to the Internet per room and the computers are all at least five years old. Your peers, studnets, and their parents all support your desire to increase Internet access in the classroom for instructional purposes.
What would you have to do to increase Internet access? List the steps you would have to take or who you would have to contact to have this change take place in the classrooms at your school.
Address each level (starting from your school site) that would need to be involved within the administrative structure pictured on p. 275 of the text.
Format your paper according to APA standards
I would have to write a letter to the Board of Education asking if we have the funding to increase the Internet access in every classroom so that all the computers in every classroom would have access to the Internet.
Here is the steps that I would have to take.
1. Begin with your Department chair
2. Next, the administration (usually a vice president is in charge of several department, before you can approach the principal)
3. After that the District, the superintendent, the Board
4. You will want to enlist the support of the parents because they will attend the Board meeting.
Am I right? And Am I going in the right direction for this paper. Can you help me.

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    You have ignored reality. THe reality is funding for this endeavor. If funds are available, no one will object. If funds are not available, it wont be done.

    Do you propose reducing the athletic budget? Ha.
    Do you propose raising taxes?

    I wonder why you are starting with your dept chair, what do they have to do with this?
    Frankly, proposals such as this are only effective if Parents are after this. I would have started with the PTA first. In the end, parents will pay the bill, if they are willing to pay the bill, the administration will approve.
    Start with developing community interest, is my recommendation.

  • AED 201 -

    I am confused now. Please help me

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