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what is counter? My child has to draw a piece of yarn 3 counters long over the top needle, 4 counters long over the middle neddle and 5 counters long over the bottom needle! But I don't know what a counter is!

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    a counter is a measuring strip, usually like a paper ruler, usually marked at one inch increments. 4 counters long=4inches.

    If you child doesn't have one, make a strip of paper marked in inches.

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    A counter is a small plastic circle about a half-inch in diamiter

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    Thank you thank you thank you... I asked my son what a counter was and he was not able to tell me, though he was able to tell that that I wasn't doing it right :-)

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    I don't know too

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    How do I draw counters of 8 sandwiches

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    I think you draw a straight line across than 8 sticks on it like crosses

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    5 5 5

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