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Identify each intensifier and the word it modifies.

1. I am somewhat unclear about the details. SOMEWHAT AND UNLCEAR

2. Jorge's score on that test was nearly perfect. NEARLY AND PERFECT

3. Although I was quite nervous, I apeared calm and collected. QUITE AND NERVOUS

4. The dinner was really delicious.REALLY AND DELICIOUS

5. Chico almost always comes to school with Mr. Fernandez. ALMOST AND ALWAYS

6. Mrs. Phillips is a very dedicated teacher. VERY AND DEDICATED

7. That serving is just enough for me. JUST AND ENOUGH

8. Grandma was rather annoyed with Jason. RATHER AND ANNOYED

9. This crossword puzzle seems too easy. TOO AND EASY

10. These flowers are so beautiful. SO AND BEAUTIFUL

11. Anita is an extremely sound sleeper. EXTREMEMLY AND SOUND

12. Both my parents have to work quite late tonight so I ahve to watch Tommy.

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    13. This model airplane takes too much time to put together. TOO AND MUCH

    14. I am so proud of you. SO AND PROUD

    15. Those watches are practically indestructible. PRACTICALLY AND INDESTRUCTIBLE

    16 These direction are very confusing. VERY AND CONFUSING

    17. I think this sweatshirt is too large so I would like to exchange it. TOO AND LARGE

    18. My mom is rather tense about her speech, though she has practiced it several times. RATHER AND TENSE

    19. Can you hear me over such loud noise. SUCH AND LOUD

    20. Andy grew nearly four inches over the summer. NEARLY AND FOUR

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    Great! All are correct! :-)

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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