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I really find it hard to correct these sentences as I'm not a mother-tongue speaker. I've tried to correct some of them myself but I'm still doubtful.
Can you please help me check the grammar? Thank you very much in advance.

1.A woman always depended on her father or her husband.
2.Women could not express an independent thought.Usually they did not receive a “cultural” education (can you say that?)
3.She is very different from the other women of her age.She doesn’t accept passively the decisions that her family takes for her, for example putting marriage above all, as her sisters do.(better: Unlike her sisters, she doesn’t …?)
4.She has her own opinions and thoughts and she is not afraid to express them (or of expressing them). She is worried that her sisters don’t live happily and she always tries to protect them.
5.The theme of love is strictly connected to marriage (or to that of marriage).
6.In Jane Austen’s opinion a good marriage should be based on mutual comprehension and should be moderate, because the too strong passions vanish quickly. (because too strong passions vanish quickly?)
7.The love between Darcy and Elizabeth is rational and as a consequence is will be durable because it is hard-won and it has been conquered after having got rid of misunderstandings. Possible correction: Their love will last for ever because it is hard-won and has been achieved after getting rid of misunderstandings?)
8.The love between Jane and Bingley is more moderate and it is based on similar characters and the sharing of the same interests. It is different from Darcy and Elizabeth’s love because they didn’t have to conquer it.
9.Finally, the marriage between Mr. Collins and Charlotte is not based on love but only on money and consequently it is unhappy.

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    2. you can say that but is it true?
    3. family takes = family makes
    4. not what is in parentheses
    6. the too strong passions = the passions that are too strong
    7. is will = it will / having gotten rid of OR as you restated it

    everything else is OK


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