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A popular brand of automobile radiator antifreeze advertises that their product (ethylene glycol; C2H6O2) provides engine protection from temperatures of -64C to 135C when mixed with water in a 50%/50% mix. What is the boiling point elevation and freezing point depression provided by such a mixture?

I'm not sure whether or not I'm supposed to know that Kf of ethylene glycol is 1.86 since this is a worksheet that introduces us to colligative properties so I was wondering how I would do this without using that formula? PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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    You don't.You need the Kb and Kf for water. Kf = 1.86 and Kb = 0.512
    One thing to look for is that the boiling point may NOT be increased to 135 C. Remember that most automobile engine radiators work under pressure and that increases the boiling point of water regardless of the presence or absence of antifreeze.

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