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How would you use classical conditioning, operant conditioning,
and observational learning to improve your academic performance? Give
one example for each type of learning.

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    I don't know how you would use it. However, this information might help.

    Observational learning involves copying the behavior of esteemed models.

    Classical conditioning is characterized by several factors.

    I. The key relationship is associating antecedent events.

    II. It originates with reflexive behavior. The behavior is "built in."

    III. Classical conditioning is essentially a process of stimulus substitution. The response essentially remains the same.

    IV. The response is elicited, since the behavior is reflexive.

    Operant (Instrumental) Conditioning was started by Skinner and his box. In contrast to classical conditioning, operant conditioning has some specific qualities.

    I. Consequences to responses are the key relationship.

    II. Emitted responses are voluntary rather than reflexive.

    III. Response substitution occurs -- unreinforced responses go to extinction, while reinforced responses become stronger. Essentially operant conditioning is response contingent reinforcement.

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