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Thank you for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences, too?
Thank you very much in advance.
1) Go straight on (but not go straight on Crown Street?) but go along Crown Street.
2) Where is cinema in Crown Street and how do I get (can I use “arrive”?) there?
Do you know the cinema in Crown Street?
3) Is Crown Street the street (or road?) near the park? Yes, (it is or that’s right or both?)
No, it’s Main Street. Go along Liverpool Street and turn left. The cinema is at the end of that road ( can you use “street”?, on the right near the train station. You can’t miss it.
4) Can you start a sentence with “different is her love for Heathcliff. Or it would be better to say “differently, her love for Heathcliff transcends time and material existence).
5) Elizabeth has a different character from her sisters (better: Her character is different from that of her sisters)
6) Society impose (or imposes) a certain role on her?
7) What do you think about going to the cinema? Is it possible to use it instead of the usual “What about/how about going to the cinema?
8) They are staying at the Falcon Hotel and are having breakfast and lunch at the hotel (is “in the hotel” also possible?)
9) She is incapable of independent thought (and not thoughts?meaning she can think for herself?)

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    1. either & even straight down
    2. the cinema on
    3. both & the name says street, not road
    4. Why not start with the subject: Her love is different?
    5. OK
    6. imposes (singular)
    7. yes
    8. yes
    9. either but "thought" singular implies "not even one"


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