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28. What information would be the most helpful in drawing inferences about hwy certain countries in Southeast Asia have a large number of Muslims?
a. knowing what countries in the region were colonized by France
b. knowing what countries were ruled by China in the past
c. knowing the location of Southwest Asian trade routes
d. knowing languages spoken by people in this region


29. Which of the following statements best describes New Zealand's physical landscape?
a. The South Island is predominantly flat, while the North Island is covered mostly with elevated plains
b. New Zealand's terrain is mostly mountainous, with gentle plains sloping down from the mountains on both islands
c. Rugged mountains form the backbone of the North Island, while the South Island is predominantly flat
d. The physical landscape of each island consists mostly of flat land that is below sea level


30. Which statement explains why Antarctica was the world's last continent to be discovered and explored?
a. Antarctica has few natural resources
b. Summers at the South Pole are extremely hot
c. Ships are unable to navigate around the Great Barrier Reef
d. Antarctica is a distant continent with harsh natural conditions



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    All of your answers are right. :-)

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    thank youu :)

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    You're welcome.

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