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1. Which of the following is NOT one of the types of forests that grow in Northern Eurasia?
a. mid-latitude deciduous forest
b. mixed forest (deciduous and coniferous)
c. coniferous forest
d. chaparral


2. The rivers of Siberia, when not frozen, have been used for centuries to transport
a. agricultural products
b. lumber from nearby forests
c. people to nearby factories
d. tourists to see the natural wonders

I narrowed my choices to either A or C. But my sister thinks the answer is B. I'm really confused.

4. Which account of an Azerbaijani demonstration for independence that turned into an riot do you think would be the most reliable?
a. the account in a Soviet newspaper
b. the account of an Azerbaijani protester
c. the account of a Swedish reporter
d. the account of a Muslim leader


10. Relatively little economic activity occurs
a. along the Indian coast
b. in areas of high population density
c. along the mountainous northern border of South Asia
d. in the southern portion of India


20. Tanzania's government turned around the country's failing economy by
a. forcing people to move into towns and to work on collective farms
b. paying farmers a price for their crops that allowed them a profit
c. creating government mining companies to mine the natural resources
d. obtaining foreign loans that allowed the buildup of small industry



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    All of these answers are correct, including your sister's answer for number 2.

  • Geography -

    #2 I agree with your sister.

    #20.....check this site

    The rest of them look good.

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    thanks guys

    I'm still not sure if I'm right on 20 or not, though.

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    It looks as though I was wrong. (I should have done more research.) Number 20 seems to be D. Thanks Guru.

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