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. One possible use for the cooking fat left over after making french fries is to burn it as fuel.
Formula (for cooking fat) = C51H88O6
Density = 0.94 g/ml
ΔH°f = - 1310 kJ/mol.
Write a balanced equation of the combustion of cooking fat (the products are CO2 (g) and H2O (l).
Use the data above and whatever you need from Appendix B in the textbook to calculate the amount of energy released (in kilojoules per milliliter) from the combustion of cooking fat (3 pts)

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    Balance this equation:

    C51H88O6 + O2 >> CO2 + H20

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    C51H88O6+ 70O2>> 51CO2+ 44H2O

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    Haaaa Gotheeeeemmmmm

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