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okay so now i have this test called tcap and there is A LOT to study and i only have 2 days to study i need help do u have any tips that would help me study or help me ON my tcap test please respond i need as many people to respond because i really need help
thank you

  • i need some tips -

    The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program test is designed to find out what you've learned in the last year. Follow your teachers' instructions about what to study. You may want to brush up on what you know are some weaknesses -- perhaps a couple of math principles?

    In general, though, there's nothing you can really study for at this point.

  • i need some tips -

    This is not a test you study for in two days. Forget it. If your teachers haven't prepared you, it is not possbile to get ready now. I suspect you are worrying over nothing. I cannot imagine your school has left you unprepared.

  • i need some tips -

    but my teachers didn't tell me anything to study oh and btw is there anything online that has similar test questions and is there any tips that would help me on the test
    **i am in the 7th grade**

  • i need some tips -

    If you've been paying attention, doing your homework, and getting good grades, you will do fine on this test.

    If you've slacked off this year, there's not much you can do at this point.

  • i need some tips -

    i worked hard this year thank you all for your help

  • i need some tips -

    Good luck on your test. Relax and get a good night's sleep just before the test.

    And you're very welcome.

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