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Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct please?
Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) Catherine is not in love with Edgar and their relationship is wholly unsentimental.
2) Catherine fears what people may think if she marries Heathcliff.
3) For her he is just (or only) a man who will enable Heathcliff to rise.
4) She is convinced that in marrying Edgar she could help Heathcliff improve his social status.
5) She understands (o realizes) only at the end that her marriage to Edgar could provoke (?? Cause) her separation from Heathcliff.
6) In Jane Austen’s day the role of women (also women’s role or the role of a woman?) was fairly clear.
7) Woman’s position or Women’s position/a woman’s position was fairly clear.
8) Women were supposed to manage houses (?) and to educate children.
9) They couldn’t study or work like men (or like their male counterparts ?=
10) Her education was inferior to their male contemporaries.
11) She is capable of independent thought (can you rephrase it with: “She can think for herself”). 12) This (?) sets her apart from her other sisters.
13) Their marriage is wholly unsentimental because it is based only (?) on wealth.
14) Can you say “it is a marriage of convenience since Charlotte aims at improving her social status by marrying Mr Collins”?)

  • English -

    #1 comma before "and"

    Correct #'s 2,4,6,9, 12

    #3. use "Edgar" instead of "he".

    # 5 "realizes and "cause" would be better.

    #7 Women's positions, or A woman's position...either would be correct.

    #10 A woman's education was inferior to her male contemporary.

    #11 Who is "she"... other than that, both would be fine.

    #13. you can use "solely" instead of "only" if you wish.

    #14 Yes

    #8. "manage their home and to raise their children"

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