reading/language please check

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-she performed WELL
-you look GOOD in that color
-these apples are GOOD
-he rides his bike WELL
-she made a GOOD attempt to win the race
-the man reported that all was WELL in the coal mine
-jonas said 'i feel WELL, thank you'
-the team played WElL
-mom fixed a GOOD dinner
-the teacher wrote'GOOD work' on top of my paper

  • reading/language please check -

    All are correct! :-)

  • reading/language please check -

    When is the best time to read review the discussion questions?
    A. Immediately after you have finished all of the reading.
    B. After you write your notes.
    C. Before you begin any detailed reading.
    D. At least 1 hour after your detailed reading.

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