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Create an organizer comparing the claims to the Pacific Coast of the Europeans and the Native peoples. What criteris will you use?

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

    Don't you think that the Native peoples should have first claim on the land because they were here first?

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    Yeah, but what criteria should I use???
    I don't really get it..

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    I have to compare their claims to the Pacific Coast, and I don't really seem to find their claims in my book section either?

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    I really can't find any of their claims in order to answer this question.

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    I need the criteria as well. I do understand that the Natives were there first, but what other criteria can I talk about?

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    I don't think that the first claim thing really answers by question because the question is...
    create an organizer comparing rhe claims to the pacific coast of the europeans and the natives peoples, what criteria can you use?

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    The criteria is the basis for each of the claims.

    Your teacher can give you more information about the criteria he/she expects.

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    yes I know that, but I can't ask my teacher right now
    I no what the criteria is , but can't you help me with it? what criteria I should use as the basis of the claims?

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    Dont know:(

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