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What damage does a teacher do who assigns a writing assignment but does not grade that assignment with any effective rubric?

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    There are some hot emotional words here:
    does not grade

    So you have a beef...Have you discussed it with the teacher?

    I suspect the teacher had a rubric, if not written, in her mind. I have to tell you from experience a D paper, C paper, B paper, and A papers stand out easily if the reader is experienced. I do admit a rubric probably helps the students more than teachers, I used rubrics on grading notebooks (chemistry), so the students would know what to expect, and I used the rubric as a score sheet. The rubric also served as a student self check (name on notebook,dates on each page, notebook divided in to labeled sections, in the notes section questions in the left column, ...)

    But I still got comments and negative feedback from parents from the kids who got low grades, even when it was CLEAR from the rubric what was missing.

    But in grading the notebooks, I certainly did not need the rubric, once I became experienced. But the excelling students liked them , as they used them for self checking. The average and poor students didn't care. They seldom complained, either. It was the parents who complained, trying to justify poor work with blaming it on the teacher.

    I suggest discuss it with the teacher. Usually, they know what they are doing.

    Good luck.

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