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when water is added to solid calcium carbide, CaC2, acetylene gas, C2H2, and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 are produced.
how do i write a balanced equation for the reaction.

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    CaC2 + 2H2O ==> C2H2 + Ca(OH)2

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    we started off with this equation below
    CaC2 + C2H2 --> Ca(OH)2 (right?)

    then as per DrBob222 its balanced below,

    CaC2 + 2H2O ==> C2H2 +Ca(OH)2

    ok this is how I start by trying to balance this equation.

    on the reactant side
    there's 4C, 1Ca, and 2H and on the product there's 1Ca, 2H, 2O

    is it possible to include the 2Oxygen on the reactant side and why can you explain please

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    No, you did not start off with that equation. It is NOT CaC2 + C2H2. I agree that the problem is not stated that clearly; however, it says "When water is added to calcium carbide, CaC2, It should have a semicolon or something here to break up the sentence or just start a new sentence THEN acetylene, C2H2, and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2, are produced. So the reactants are CaC2 and H2O. The products are C2H2 and Ca(OH)2.

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