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Hi, I have online homework for calculus and I have to input two equations that will describe this graph. I have an image but Jiskha won't let me link to any websites... if this is allowed the URL to the image of the graph is img145/1787/80193630 .png

without the spaces.

f(x)= _______ for x in the interval [ ___ to ___]
f(x)= _______ for x in the interval [ ___ to ___]

Personally, I tried

f(x)= 3/2x+2 for [-2,2]
f(x)= -3x for [2,4]

The intervals are correct but the equations are not. Can someone help me with this?

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    Oops, for the interval of the first one it's [-5,2]. Typo.

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    I was able to see your diagram.
    Your slope for the first one is incorrect
    (2,5) to ((-5,-5) has slope -10/-7 = 10/7
    so y = (10/7)x + b
    for (2,5)
    5 = 20/7 + b
    35 = 20 + 7b
    b = 15/7

    equation : y = (10/7)x + 15/7

    the second equation:
    slope is correct
    so y = -3x + b
    using (2,5)
    5 = -6 + b
    b = 11
    equation: y = -3x + 11

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    Thank you very much. I think somewhere between wrong slopes and a mix-up in the point-slope form equation, I messed up the equations. But I got it now. Thanks a lot!

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