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I will type 2 exercises from the lesson I am teaching on Wednesday-english as a foreign language - 8th graders ( it will be graded) I need you to help me with some ideas.
It says:
A Here is a list of some natural sciences:
Do you know what each one of them studies?
Read the definitions and match them with the sciences.
Down here are listed the definitions of the sciences

B What do you call scientists or experts in these sciences?
Look at the chart

So, although it says lead in, my mentor has told me that I should focus on this part of the lesson (what follows next is a long text about Einstein-but she said this first part is the most important part of the lesson)
It would be boring to just instruct them to match the sciences with definitions and guess the names of the experts, right? Do you have any ideas on how to make it a bit more interesting?
I will start a lesson with a question : What are your favorite school subjects?
Someone will probably say biology or chemistry or physics so how can I introduce the phrase "natural sciences" and do these 2 tasks? Any ideas?
Should I maybe show them a picture of a laboratory or something and ask them to guess which school subject it represents? (chemistry)
So if you have any ideas, thank you!

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    You might ask the students what personal questions that they have that might be answered by each of these areas.

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