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You are a mathematician for a major movie company. You are figuring projected sales for their newest movie, which is currently being filmed. You find that as filming starts 1.6 million dollars have already been spent and that after two months 5.4 million have been spent. Assume that the cost of the movie varies exponentially with the number of months it takes to film it.

A. Define the variables and write the particular equation.

B. The movie takes a total of 5 months to film. How much will it cost?

C. Use you model to predict the cost of Semmens vs. Smith Part XXI, which took 1 year to film.

D. The movie the Pirates of the swamp, the curse of Winkel and Arthofer cost 25 million to film. How long did it take to film?

  • math -

    Y(cost, in millions) = k * m^x
    (x = # of months)
    Since Y = 1.6 at t = 0,
    1.6 = k
    Since Y = 5.4 at t = 2,
    5.4 = k*m^2
    m^2 = 3.375
    m = 1.837

    Y = 1.6 *1.837^x

    If x = 5, Y = 33.5 million

    x=12, Y = 2362 million

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