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A 6-pack of 4oz containers of yogaurt costs 2.99. what is the unit price in cents per ounce? Round to the nearest hundredths of a cent.

First I would take 6 x 4 = 24 oz. Then I would divide 2.99/24 and get an answer of .1245833.
Would my answer be 12 cents/oz or 13 cents/oz

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    Your instructions say to round to the nearest hundredths of a cent.

    .1245833 = $0.1246

    twelve and forty-hundredths of a cent.

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    twelve cents and forty-six hundredths

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    I do not understand the 46 hundredeths. isn't the 2 in the hundredths?

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    The 2 is hundredths of a dollar.

    12 cents = $0.12

    To get hundredths of a cent you need $0.1246

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    For the first time ever I understand. Thank you very much. Your correction helped me out immensely.

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