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Thank you for correcting my last sentences. I forgot to include a few more on the same subject.
1) Chaucer probably began writing the Canterbury Tales in about 1387 but he never completed it.
2)It was a huge project which would have included 120 tales if it had been finished. Actually, he only wrote twenty-four.
3) Actually, many of the pilgrims are portrayed physically, through detailed description of their clothes and tools, showing their characters and social standing.
4)The pilgrims are often described morally, too, and we are told their qualities and weaknesses.
5) Chaucer is very modern in the way he suspends judgement on his characters, allowing them free voice so that his readers can decide for themselves who are the more or less preiseworthy.
6) The descriptions of the pilgrims differ in length, point of view and tone. Some focus on what the pilgrim wears, some on what he does or thinks. 7)They also cover a wide range of themes. Among the themes are love, marriage, corruption, hypocrisy and chivalry.
8) The route the pilgrimage takes is also significant. The pilgrims begin at Tabard Inn in London, a place which is linked with pleasure, and travel towards Canterbury Cathedral, a symbol of the holy, celestial city of Jerusalem.
9) The pilgrimage turns therefore into a metaphor for life (OR It becomes the allegory of the course of human life?). 10)In other words, we are all pilgrims on the way to the heavenly city, and every journey reflects the basic pattern of existence.

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    #1. comma before but
    #2. I would put a semi-colon after finished; then I would use 'however, he only wrote.....
    #3 Leave actually off. No comma after 'physically'. Make description plural.
    #4. Use also either at the beginning of the sentence or following the verb and leave off "too".
    ;) Check spelling of the last word in #5

    #9. Either of those sentences would be fine.

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