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Thank you very much for suggesting me such useful sites! I still have a few more sentences to prepare for tomorrow. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. (just say "yes" if it is possible)

1 ) Another feature of the epic poem is that it contains formulas (can you say “is the use of formulas”?)
2)At that time people followed Ptolemy’s theories, according to which the planetary system was Earth-centred. Can you also say: The planetary system was believed to be earth-centred in accordance with the theory of Ptolemy.?
3 ) He eventually succeeds (can you start with eventually, he succeeds) in killing a monster.
4) The expression “lord of friends” is used to rename/describe/refer to (are they all possible?) Beowulf.
5 ) Kennings are metaphorical expressions in which a word is substituted for by a compound word, e.g. “scholar’s home” for “school” . (is it all right to use e.g. or “as for example” in this case?)
6) A sentence is incomplete and another does not make sense at all since you chose a wrong conjunction.
7) Middle Age society (correct: medieval society) believed in Ptolemy’s theory (or followed Ptolemy’s theory)
8) According to the Constitution of Clarendon, the king was the only one who could invest the bishops.
9) We went on holiday to have a rest/in order to/so as to have a rest/ so that we could have a rest/for a rest.
10) She was ill, yet/still she went to school. She was ill; she still went to school (is it possible?) .She was ill. However/Nevertheless/Nonetheless/even so/ In spite of that/Despite of that she went to school. She went to school. She was ill, though.
11) In spite of/despite her illness/being ill, she went to school. Although/even though/ in spite of the fact that she was ill, she went to school
12) Can you also say: She was ill, but she went to school all the same?

  • English -

    1. yes = formula (plural formulae in scientific use, formulas in informal use)
    2. yes, especially the 2nd
    3. yes, and even at the end
    4. yes
    5. yes, but you don't need "for" = substituted by...
    6. One sentence is better than "A"
    7. in parentheses better
    8. yes
    9. ye
    10. yes
    11. yes
    12. yes

    Sra (aka Mme)

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