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Biology Research Paper

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I need to make my conclusion bigger; how can I do that? What more information can I add in it?

Burning of fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There are many types of harmful outcomes which result from the process of converting fossil fuels to energy. Some of these include air and water pollution and growth of solid wastes. When coal is burned, it releases nitrous oxide which is kept in the atmosphere for a very long time. The harmful impact of this chemical could take up to a couple of hundred years to make itself known. Converting fossil fuels may also result in accumulation of solid waste. This type of buildup has a devastating impact on the environment. It also increases the risk of toxic runoff which can poison surface and groundwater sources for many miles. Toxic runoff also endangers surrounding vegetation, wildlife, and marine life. (Enzler)

To reduce our society’s dependence on fossil fuels, we can use some alternative renewable sources of energy like nuclear fusion. Fusion involves the extraction of hydrogen from water and the combination of two hydrogen atoms to form helium. Another source is hydrogen. Most schemes for generating hydrogen are based on the splitting of water using solar energy directly. Hydrogen can substitute natural gas. The last source we can use is energy plants. Active improvements in bioengineering may provide the basis for enhancing the efficiency or redirecting the end products of photosynthetic processes to produce commercial fuels such as hydrogen. (Raum p. 9)

There are new innovations in technology that are currently being explored and implemented to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. For example, concepts for combining end uses and supply generation facilities to better utilize waste heat are already being employed. These include cogeneration of steam, electricity, and district heating. Future combinations may include the use of nuclear energy to generate heat for coal gasification. With these options we can help phase out our dependency on fossil fuels and find clean and useful sources of power. (Shannon)

There are both pros and cons of alternative fuel sources. For example, one advantage of geothermal energy is that it’s safe. It’s also clean, very cheap, and efficient. The cons are that it may cause small after-shock earthquakes and minor damage may take a hundred years to recover. The pros of wind energy are that its completely clean and healthy for the environment and wind energy is completely renewable. One con of wind energy is that wind farms are an eyesore according to some people. The pros of solar energy are that it’s a renewable resource, it doesn’t give off any harmful substances, and sunlight is always free. The cons are that not every location is a feasible site for solar and the initial costs for components can be high. The bottom line is that every alternative fuel has its pros and cons, so even if they’re not perfect, they can still be used. (Solway, p. 10)


We are currently in an energy crisis. Fossil fuels are essential in our society and around the world. Even with our newfound friends, fossil fuels will run out and the use of them will soon take the lives of many people. These are important reasons to find other means of getting the energy we need to continue our society as we know it.


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    Geothermal energy is clean, safe, and efficient? Nuts to all three of those. If it were those, we would have used it long ago. The problem is it not an efficient use of financial resources, nor is it clean. Just exactly where do the heavily mineralized waste water go?

    Wind energy is also not economical. Just how does the transmission of that electricity get to cities? Somebody pays for those transmission lines... If you add that cost in, the economics are staggering.

    Well, you are right, the conclusion is weak. I am tired, I will look at it in the morning sometime and post a link for you.

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    That's alright, get your rest. I got my conclusion written(:


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