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On this problem I keep getting the wrong answer. I am subtracting the initial concentration of Cl2 by the equilibrium concentration then using the difference to subtract for the rest using the mole ratios. Then i used the keq constant equation of concentration of products over reactants but i still got the wring answer.
The initial concentration for the compounds involved in the reaction displayed were determined to be [Br2(g)] = 0.3864 mol/L, [Cl2(g)] = 0.5011 mol/L, [BrCl(g)] = 0.06735 mol/L. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant (Kc) at 227.0 °C if the equilibrium concentration of Cl2(g) was 0.4965 mol/L.

Br2(g)+Cl2(g) = 2BrCl(g)

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    If you had posted your work I could have found the error. As it stands I can't. I obtained 0.01784 for Kc.

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