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If you're using the future tense, should the second verb be in the future as well? I'm trying to say I would like to study journalism. Is it J'aimerais etudier journalisme OR J'aimerais etudierai journalisme? Merci beaucoup!

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    First of all, if you want the future, the endings do not look as you have written. the English is: shall, will.

    What you h ave posted with "would" is the conditional.

    Taking your sentence in English "I would like to study journalism" the French is "J'aimerais étudier (le) journalisme."

    Accent marks are required so be sure to learn how to make them.

    Let's go back to the English sentence you wrote. I would like = j'aimerais
    BUT "to study" is an infinitive both in English and in French = étudier

    Sra (aka Mme)

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