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Science-Periodic Table

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Where r the elements that form ions with a positive charge located?

where r the elements that form ions with a negative charge located?

can someone please briefly explain this whole positive and negative charge thing to me. I kind of get it, but the informations is just not clarified in my head. I think that the elements which form ions with a negative charge are located in the nonmetals column?

Where are the non-metals?

They are on the right upperside of the periodic table.

Where are the metalloids?

They are along the step like line between metals and nonmetals of the periodic table.

I am also having troubles with this Q.

what shap does the layout of the metalloids form in periodic table?

All ur help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

  • Science-Periodic Table -

    right on location of metals, nonmetals.
    metalloids form a stairstep down to right starting at boron.

    Metal ions form + ions by losing electrons.

    Non metal ions form - ions by gaining electrons.

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