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At room temperature the equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction: 2NO(g)=N2(g)+O2(g) is 1.4x10^30. In the atmosphere at room temp. the concentration of nitrogen gas is 0.33 mol/L and the concentration of oxygen gas is about 25% that value. Calculate the equilibrium concentration of nitrogen monoxide in the atmosphere.

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    NO = 0
    N2 = 0.33
    O2 = 0.33 x 0.25 = ??

    NO = 2x
    N2 = -x
    O2 = -x

    NO = 2x
    N2 = 0.33-x = 0.33 since x is so small.
    O2 = 0.0825-x = 0.0825 same reason.

    Substitute into Kc expression and solve for x.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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