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Write a one-sentence goal for each of the seven assumptions that will support a productive and positive learning atmosphere. Your goals should focus on how you can achieve the demands of each assumption.

Here are the seven assumptions.
1. Successful classroom management fosters self-discipline and personal responsibility.
2. Most problems of disorder in classrooms can be avoided if teachers foster positive
student–teacher relationships, implement engaging instruction, and use good
preventive management strategies.
3. The way teachers think about management strongly influences what they do. Teachers
who view classroom management as a process of guiding and structuring classroom
events tend to be more effective than teachers who stress their disciplinary role or who
see classroom management as a product of personal charm.
4. The need for order must not supersede the need for meaningful instruction.
5. The tasks of classroom management vary across different classroom situations.
6. Managing today’s diverse classrooms requires the knowledge, skills, and predispositions
to work with students from diverse racial, ethnic, language, and social class
backgrounds. In other words, teachers must become “culturally responsive classroom
7. Becoming an effective classroom manager requires reflection, hard work, and time.

i need a better understanding on what i am suppose to do please. do you possibly have a exaple?

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    This is a tough assignment.

    First let's look at how to write good goals:

    "Specific – your goal should have its expected outcome stated as simply, concisely and explicitly as possible. This answers questions such as; how much, for whom, for what?

    Measurable – a measurable goal has an outcome that can be assessed either on a sliding scale (1-10), or as a hit or miss, success or failure.

    Achievable – an achievable goal has an outcome that is realistic given your current situation, resources and time available. Goal achievement may be more of a “stretch” if the outcome is tough or you have a weak starting position.

    Relevant – a relevant goal should help you on your mission or your “bigger” objectives.

    Time-bound – a time-bound goal includes realistic timeframes."

    Using those guidelines, I suggest you post just one goal for each assumption.

    Here's a goal for the first assumption.

    I will positively reinforce students' self-discipline and personal responsibility immediately after I observe it.

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