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22. Telecommunications is a growing field of technology. We use such things as televisions, telephones, radios, and computers to communicate using electromagnetic waves. Take one of these devices and explain the five steps it must go through in the communication process.

22. The five main steps that every telecommunication device must go through are encoding, transmitting, receiving, storing/retrieving, and decoding. The first step in the communication process is to encode the information, which involves placing the information in a format or pattern that the communication technology can use. This process may involve producing images on film, pulses on a light wave, electrical charge on a tape, or graphics on paper. Then, the coded message must be transmitted from the sender to the receiver. This may include moving printed materials, broadcasting radio and television programs, transmitting telephone messages along wires or fiber optic strands, and using pulses of light to send messages between ships at sea. However, this isn’t enough, someone or something must then receive the message. This requires recognizing and accepting the information. For example, a radio must recognize the coded radio wave, and the telephone receiver must recognize the pulses of electricity. Next, the received message must be decoded. Decoding means that the coded information must be changed back into a recognizable form. This information should be presented in audio or visual format that humans can understand.


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    Your content was rather general. Perhaps my training as an electronics engineer is haunting me, but your explaination of the coding/decoding was very vague. In reality, that is the heart of the technology.

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    So it should be more detailed?
    Can you please help me!

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