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Graph the inequality on a plane. y>5x.
I think that it should be a dashed line that should be a horizontal line but I'm not totally sure.
Could you please help me with this graph?

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    The equation of your relations become the boundary lines,
    if you are dealing with < or > , draw a dotted line, since the points on the actual line are not included
    if you are dealing with ≤ or ≥ then draw a solid line to show the points on the actual line are part of the relation.

    so for y >5
    consider y = 5, which is a horizontal line 5 units above the x-axis.
    but since it is > , draw a dotted line and shade in everything above the line (above for >, below for <)

    Any equation of the form y = c is a horizontal line,
    any equation of the form x = c is a vertical line

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