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Ms. Sue could you please look through this and tell me if my answers are correct, thank you very much:-) This was one poem which I was having troubles understanding. Mostly the 1st stanza.

What are Friends For-by rosellen brown

What are friends for, my mother asks.
A duty undone, visit missed,
casserole unbaked for sick Jane.
Someone has just made her bitter.

Nothing. They are for nothing, friends, I think. All they do in the end-they touch you. They fill you like music.


how does the mother's point of view of friendship differ from the daughter's?

I don't really understand half of the poem. I think that the mom is unable to get the actual picture. She is unable to get the point that friends are not "angels"; they are not supernatural beings, they are humans, and humans tend to make a lot of mistakes. Her daughter gets that point.

Am I correct on this one?

what poetic devices are in here?
-metaphors-compares friends to?
-simile-friens to music

Are there any other poetic devices in here?

which do you relate to better? stanza one or two.

I relate better to stanza two because I get how it describes music to friends. In the last stanza it's basically saying that as you listen to music; you begin to get the hang of it, and the music is memorized~it just stays in your mind and posesses your heart. In the same way friends appear, they build that relationship with you, and you are just unable to break it.

Am I correct? Any other views would be appreciated, thanks

  • To: Ms. Sue -

    I have nothing to add to your answers. They look good.

  • To: Ms. Sue -

    Thank you

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