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Can you please tell me if all the sentences typed below are possible?
Thank you very much in advance.
1) Under the feudal system the King owned all the lands (all land: are both correct?) which were then given to the vassals in return for goods and services, especially military service.
2) The barons created (is “formed” possible too?) other vassals.
3) During/in the 14th century/In medieval times (are they all correct?) anticlericalism grew because of the following reasons. Firstly,…(is it correct to use firstly, secondly, thirdly)
4) The church played an important role in (and not FOR) the education of the poor. It became the school for the uneducated and the meeting place. It also consoled/comforted the afflicted, gifted/gave (are both possible?) bread to the hungry (can you say “provided the hungry with bread”) and provided assistance for the oppressed.
5) Some kennings are used to refer to Beowulf’s loyalty such as (can I use “like”) “lord of the friends”.
6) Typical of this type of composition (is it correct? is that each line is divided into two halves by a break.
7) Thomas Becket was appointed archbishop of Canterbury and opposed Henry II’s policy.
He was Chancellor of Henry II in the middle of the 12th century (or in the first half of the 12th century?)
The serpent angry (?) slithered forward OR The serpent slithered forward angrily?
8) The church was corrupt and NOT corrupted.
9) Beowulf’s sword broke over/on/against the dragon’s head (are the prepositions correct?)
10) Beowulf is presented as (and not LIKE) an epical hero.

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    Hey Franco! Pretty big question you have here, so here's the answers. If I skip the question, that means the sentence is correct, and the answer is yes to whatever question you asked.
    1) all land is not an alternative, it would be "all lands". The question, however, is correct.
    4) Yes to all questions, but here's one sentence that should be written as such: "It became the school and meeting place for the uneducated."
    5) You can use "like", but 'such as' sounds better, and is a better-educated choice.
    6) Try not to use the word "that". It can usually be removed without changing the meaning.
    7) Middle of the 12th century sounds best, both work though. The serpent slithered forward angrily is the correct way.
    8) I'm sorry but this sentence doesn't make much sense. It's like saying "The boy was fat and not fat". It contradicts itself.
    9) The prepositions are correct.

    Pretty good job overall, I'm impressed! It looks as though you really put a sincere effort.

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