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If you don't mind me asking, How are you so smart, and how old are you?

  • DrBob222 -

    DrBob actually is not smart in the normal sense. He got superhuman powers when a meteor crashed to earth some 35 years ago. Not knowing what it was, he ate it and his brain grew to 10x its capacity. Now that he IS smart, he recommends not eating random things that fall from space since you never know which ones are good to eat or bad to eat.

    As far as his age, that depends. He's actually 85 years old, but since eating the meteorite, his age rapidly decreased. If we count age the conventional way, 85 (his age when the meteorite crashed) + 35 years (how long ago it happened), he is actually 120. (No WONDER he's a Doctor....). Because of the meteorite's effects, he really has the body of an 18 year old and regularly competes in body building competitions in the non-steroid categories.

    Actually, none of that is true. Maybe he has a better answer.

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