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Children will generally select equipment based on: a.their prior success with the equipment. B.the size of the equipment c.the brightness and boldness of the equipment's colors d. The opportunity for challenge presented by the equipment. My answer is D. Could someone please check my answer

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    Doesn't that depend upon the age of the child and what kind of equipment it is?

    I could make a good argument for any of these four answers.

    Check your book to see what answer your instructor wants.

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    I object: All children are not alike. "Generally" depends on the children and the situation.

    Here is an example. An 11 year old boy playing baseball comes up to his turn at bat. He can select his favorite bat(the lucky one), a bat that someone just hit a home run with, or a square bat that has never been used.

    Hmmm. This is not much different that selecting numbers at the roulette wheel.
    Some do it one method, some another.

    Your teacher probably wants D as the answer, but I bet it is not based on research. My experience is that kids are different, and predicting behaviour is an unsettling task.

    I would go for the bat that just hit a home run, it obviously, is a "hot" bat.

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