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My science post is almost at the bottom and I need it to be checked urgently. I see science helpers on this site as of right now.--Can you please have a moment to look at my Science post. Thank you very much in advance:-)

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  • Science Helpers -

    Sarah--I looked at your post earlier but didn't respond. You have listed your observations. I have two.
    1. I can't argue with what you observed so I won't try.
    2. You have asked us to fill in what you failed to observe. It may have occurred. It may not have occurred. I wasn't there. Technically, this is called dry labing an experiment. I don't help do that.

    Basically I am saying that your post is long and quite detailed and I don't feel comfortable tackling it.

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    I really don't mind DrBob222 you tackling my post. Infact I think that maybe that would help me more. It might make me remember on what actually did happen during that lab experiment and what not. I would really appreciate your help:-)

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    Can you also check my questions please

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    What is adaptation

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