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What is the magnitude of the gravitational field at the surface of a neutron star whose mass is 1.60 times the mass of the Sun and whose radius is 10.5 km?

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    What is wrong with using Newton's Gravitational equation?

    graviatational field g= G Ms*1.60/(10.5E3)^2

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    mass of the sun is 1.99E30 kg.
    so the mass of the neutron star is 3.184E30 kg.
    i solved for g using g=GM/R^2
    what is s?
    i solved for g using my equation and got 1.93E18 m/s^2. is that right?

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    The "s" is meant to be a subscript to M, representing the mass of the sun.

    It looks like you did it correctly.

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