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how would i solve this?
A sled is dragged along a horizontal path at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s by a rope that is inclined at an angle of 30.0° with respect to the horizontal (the figure below). The total weight of the sled is 470 N. The tension in the rope is 240 N. How much work is done by the rope on the sled in a time interval of 10.0 s?

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    break the tension of the rope into horizontal and vertical components.

    work done=horizontalforce*distance
    = horizontal force*velocity*time

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    (a) A luggage carousel at an airport has the form of a section of a large cone, steadily rotating about its vertical axis. Its metallic surface slopes downward toward the outside, making an angle of 29.0° with the horizontal. A piece of luggage having mass 30.0 kg is placed on the carousel at a position 7.46 m measured horizontally from the axis of rotation. The travel bag goes around once in 37.0 s. Calculate the force of static friction exerted by the carousel on the bag.

    Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect.
    seenKey 148
    The correct answer is not zero. N

    (b) The drive motor is shifted to turn the carousel at a higher constant rate of rotation, and the piece of luggage is bumped to another position, 7.94 m from the axis of rotation. Now going around once in every 32.9 s, the bag is on the verge of slipping down the sloped surface. Calculate the coefficient of static friction between the bag and the carousel.

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