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Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences, too? Thank you very much in advance.

1)Th urban population was affected by serious diseases such as smallpox nd typhus.
2)The majority of children died before the age of five (before they reached the age of five/but NOT before five years old?)
3) The electorate was bribed (can you suggest to me an appropriate synonim?)
4)The main character is always a self-made man of middle age, a middle class hero (correction: the main character is always a middle-aged, self-made man belonging to the middle class?)
5) Sykorax's magic is aimed to hurt its enemies (correction: aims to harm its victims)
6) The source of Prospero's magic comes from his books (correction: is found in his books)
7) The "Tempest" can be regarded as an admonition (and NOT a beware)
8)He was the first who lived in Westminister, at 10 Downing Street (are the prepositions correct?)
9) The features of the 18-century novels are as follows. Firstly, .... (can you name the various features using firstly, secondly, finally?)

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    1. typo "nd" is and, yes?
    2. OK
    3. bought off, blackmailed, enticed, rewarded, paid off
    4., 5., 6. OK
    7. NOT a beware = true
    8. yes
    9. yes, you may


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