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Can you please tell me if the following corrections are all right and help me improve them? Thank you very much in advance.
1)During Walpole's government England was fortified in economy and in the relationships between other countries.
Correction: ... economy could flourish (can you say "was fortified, was stimulated, grew stronger") and relationships with other countries improved since he managed to keep England out of foreign conflicts.
2) Society was divided into (was composed, made up of) three main classes. We can distinguish three main social classes within 18th -century English society (?)
3) At the top there was the aristocracy. Immediately below (it) there were the wealthy commercial classes, which controlled the mines and the trades.
4)The artisans and the craftsmen filled the ga between the rich and the poor (can you suggest to me a better expression that "fill the gap"?)
5)There are two types of magic in the play, maleficent and beneficent. (can you replace them with "evil" and "good"?)
6) The author's point of view is the same as the hero's (?)

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    1. with a comma after "government" it will read better
    2. OK with any of those choices
    3. OK
    4. ga is probably "gap"/ in this sense, I cannot think of a synonym for to "fill, fill up"
    5. Yes
    6. outlook, "slant" or attitude, observation


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